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Up to new horizons !
Digital panoramas shot with my drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad. Composition of up to 26 single shots.
Maximum resolution ca. 30'000 px => ca. 250 x 80 cm / 300 dpi
Enlarge the pictures to get the panorama feeling !

Have a look at my GALLERIES !
You'll find a mix of images shot all over the years ...
I've met a lot of lovely people, I've covered interesting events, I've shot pictures to remember moments -
and have travelled to fascinating places on this planet. Together with my amazing wife Vreni, with friends - and for clients.
Thank you all for this - I'm happy to share my memories with you!

Have a look at my BOOKSHOP !
I was very lucky to have the opportunity to realise quite a number of books during the last 30 years.
Most of them are still available and can be ordered in my bookshop, free of shipping costs in Switzerland!
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