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march 2015
 ZURICH, 30.03.2015 - S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2015: The first Dinner was served in 'Baur au Lac' Zurich. This important gastro-touristic event will stage 
16 dinners, 1 lunch and 2 lounge happenings during 6 weeks with the Chefs from the best Restaurants in Ticino, hosting 'World's Top Chefs' coming from
all over the world, cooking together for their guests. The opening dinner saw Maurice Marro of 'Baur au Lac' Zuerich hosting the 5 chefs Othmar Schlegel 
of 'Castello del Sole' Ascona, Frank Oerthle of 'Ristorante Galleria Arte al Lago' Lugano-Cassarate, Antonio Fellini of 'Villa Orselina' Locarno-Orselina, 
Salvatore Frequente of 'Hotel Eden Roc' Ascona & Alessandro Fumagalli of 'Grand Hotel Eden' Lugano-Paradiso at the cookers.
shot by rémy steinegger for S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2015
BEDRETTO, 27.03.2015 - Locanda Orelli in Bedretto will be reopened april 2nd under the direction of Michela & Alessandro Manfre.
shot by rémy steinegger for Locanda Orelli
NOVAZZANO, 26.03.2015 - Portrait of Claudia.
shot by rémy steinegger for k-tipp
BRISSAGO, 26.03.2015 - Inclined elevator built by AS Ascensori SA in a luxury residence in Brissago.
shot by rémy steinegger for
ALTA BADIA/ITALY, 19.03.2015 - A fantastic ski week with good friends in the Dolomites ...
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
LOCARNO, 13.03.2015 - A fantastic recension of my new book 'TICINO ieri e oggi',
written by Gerhard Lob and published by Tessiner Zeitung in Locarno.
SALA CAPRIASCA, 08.03.2015 - Early Crocus announcing spring.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for fun ...
SALA CAPRIASCA, 07.03.2015 - Our pine tree had is gone ...
shot by Rémy Steinegger for fun ...
SAN BERNARDINO, 06.03.2015 - San Bernardino yesterday and today.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for Fontana Edizioni
SALA CAPRIASCA, 04.03.2015 - Cornel Cherry blossom.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for fun ...
BORGNONE/CENTOVALLI, 03.03.2015 - Nina Dimitri Mueller, singer & musician, captured with her dog Inti in front of her house in the Centovalli.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for Illustrazione Ticinese
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