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february 2015
MORBIO SUPERIORE, 25.02.2015 - Panoramic view from Morbio Superiore over the Mendrisiotto with the Alps in the background, Monte Rosa on the right hand.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for fun ...
BELLINZONA, 23.02.2015 - Laura Duchini cooking for Illustrazione Ticinese.
shot by Rémy Steinegger for Illustrazione Ticinese
MENDRISIO, 20.02.2015 - A fantastic recension about my new book 'TICINO ieri e oggi',
written by Gemma d'Urso and published by L'Informatore in Mendrisio.
LUGANO, 16.02.2015 - Francesco Sangalli (Villa Sassa, Lugano). Captured during the Swiss Finals 
of S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 at Centro Professionale Trevano, in Porza/Lugano, Ticino/Switzerland.
shot by rémy steinegger for S. Pellegrino
CIVITANOVA/ITALY, 13.02.2015 - Emidia 'Bibi' Cecchini (70), says to be the legal owner of 'Isabella d'Este', painted by Leonardo da Vinci. 
The drawing has been confiscated in Lugano last week and shall be worth 120 millions of swiss francs.
shot by rémy steinegger for Blick
BRISSAGO, 10.02.2015 - Car lift built by AS Ascensori SA in a luxury residence in Brissago.
shot by rémy steinegger for lift.ch
SALA CAPRIASCA, 09.02.2015 - Dusk above the Lugano region.
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
SALA CAPRIASCA, 08.02.2015 - Post offices disappear ... and come back in strange places: Posta Bedano high up on Monti di Bigorio ...
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
LUGANO, 07.02.2015 - Sergio Diolaiuti (67), Lugano.
shot by rémy steinegger for Blick
SALA CAPRIASCA, 05.02.2015 - Snow fall in the forest around Sala Capriasca.
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
LOCARNO, 04.02.2015 - Reproduction of paintings made by the artist Livia Brusetti Roemer.
shot by rémy steinegger for Brusettiarte
SALA CAPRIASCA, 02.02.2015 - Full moon ? Not yet ... but it looks like!
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
COMANO, 01.02.2015 - View from San Bernardo to the peaks of Monte Bar, Gazzirola & Denti della Vecchia, 
in the front the villages of Sureggio, Dino, Sonvico, Villa Luganese & Cadro.
shot by rémy steinegger for fun ...
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