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TICINO tra cielo e terra / TESSIN zwischen Himmel und Erde

I proudly present my new book 'TICINO tra cielo e terra' / 'TESSIN zwischen Himmel und Erde'
which shows 126 aerial views over the whole region of Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland.

TICINO tra cielo e terra / TESSIN zwischen Himmel und Erde  

Photos: Rémy Steinegger / Text: Barbara Hofmann / Publisher: Fontana Edizioni, Lugano-Pregassona  
264 pages / 24 x 30 cm / ISBN 978-88-8191-330-5 / published october 2011 / price: 64.- CHF

This coffee-table book shows 126 aerial views capturing the whole region of Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland, most of them printed on double pages. The text is in Italian and German. The book jacket can be chosen as an Italian or German version.

Twelve years ago my Editor Raoul Fontana published my first version of a book with aerial views of Ticino which was titled "TICINO dall'alto / TESSIN aus heiterem Himmel" and it became his bestseller and was reprinted several times.

My friend and neighbour Ernesto Looser, a professional pilot and instructor working all his professional life for the Swiss Air Forces got retired - and as all real aeronautic enthusiasts, he is not really feeling fine with his two feet posed on earth ... This fact was the basic for new flight experiences for me and we decided to create a totally new verison of the book.

The imaginary round trip starts on Ernesto's former home base Locarno-Magadino, leads first over the northern part of Ticino, turns back to Bellinzona, continues flying over the south of the canton and we finally turn back to the departure airport. Combining the photographs of several flights during different seasons we get a colourful and diversified picture story.

The perspective from the air is almost unknown for most of us, it's fascinating and also surprising! It offers other relations, you see the contrast between nature and man made civilization in another light, the bird view is much different to the worm's-eye view ...

My pictures shall animate to reflect a little bit about our presence in the beautiful landscape and nature in Ticino ...

Where to buy my book ?

  •    You wish to buy my book? Please go to my bookshop and I will ship it to you!

  •    Price: 64.- CHF
  •    Go to Fontana Edizioni, Pregassona-Lugano / Switzerland
  •    Try to get a copy in a book shop, asking for ISBN 978-88-8191-330-5

Photo exhibition at Swissminiatur / Melide

You can see a selection of 17 big prints (on PET) exposed in the Restaurant of Swissminiatur in Melide.

Are you interested to buy my photo posters ?

  •    My pictures are available printed on brilliant recycled PET

  •    Please send me an e-mail and I will arrange it for you!

  •    or contact Swissminiatur (you can see samples in the exhibition there!)

  •    or contact Rutschi Ticino SA (they are my vanguard printers for special size posters)
  •    50 x 70 cm           on 3 mm PET      à       350.- CHF
  •    70 x 100 cm         on 3 mm PET      à       700.- CHF
  •    125 x 180 cm       on 4 mm PET      à     1500.- CHF
  •    shipping is NOT included !

Special thanks to:

  •    Ernesto Looser, my friend and pilot flew me around and helped me to catch wonderful pictures!

  •    Barbara Hofmann, my friend and author wrote a sensitive essay to accompany the images!
  •    Raoul Fontana, my friend and publisher made it possible to realise a beautiful book!
  •    Dominique Vuigner, my friend and owner of Swissminiatur Exhibition had the idea to have an exhibition!
  •    Hansjoerg Hasler, my friend and owner of Rutschi Ticino SA realised wonderful prints on PET!

Press book:

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